With so many places around the world plunged into lockdown, it can be hard to avoid anxiety about economic uncertainty, worries over family and friends – and how your wedding is ever going to happen.

Two cocktails are served in ornate brass goblets
Time to try something a bit wild!

But having lots of time to spent indoors together has some unexpected upsides too and it can be a way to deepen your relationship.  Here are our tips for embracing lockdown together:

Get really good at massage

Remember how you said you’d like to learn massage? We did a three-day Thai massage course, way back when.

A massage room with massage bed, robe and towels
Your partner will thank you!

Did we ever actually give each other a massage? Well sort of. More of a backrub at the end of a day in the office. But the full nine yards with the towels, oils and what-not? No. Well, here’s the moment to dig out those notes, look at those videos and put it into action. If a full-body massage seems daunting, a relaxing head, back or foot massage is a mini-treat for your partner.

Work out together

You won’t be going to the gym any time soon. Hurray!

A couple are smiling after working out together
Working out together adds a new dimension to your relationship

But despite the relief, is there a worry mixed in that you will both emerge from lockdown a few kilos heavier? And just when you were on that wedding diet. Worry not! There are so many fantastic online exercise classes including many free on YouTube. Rekindle your love of Zumba and ballet (We did! Why did we ever stop?) and reawaken those lost moves. Dig out those weights you bought five years ago and never used. Belly dancing anyone? So good for toning those abdominals. What if you love yoga but he’s a Pilates fan? Introduce each other to your exercise routine to shake it up a bit.

Experimental cooking

If you feel like you have been rushing around for years without time to sit down and eat together, picking up takeaways and downing TV dinners before collapsing into bed exhausted, lockdown is for you.

A couple are cooking a stir-fry together
Now is the time to cook together

You can now plan exciting meals, experiment, make cakes, take time to enjoy food together. Bake bread! Make jam! Pomegranate molasses! Pickles!

If you’ve been feeling guilty about all the things lurking in your freezer that you have forgotten about, get them out, one a day and get though them. Unless they are beyond saving. Being home all the time, mealtimes come around with surprising regularity and it’s time to enjoy being together. Light up candles, enjoy the peace and quiet. Talk about your day, your hopes and dreams. This is quality time.

Snuggle down and catch up on your sleep

Now that we’re all in the swing of WFH, is it just us who are relishing the chance to catch up on what feels like 15 years of lost sleep? Goodbye to ridiculously early mornings and burning the midnight oil with work deadlines. We don’t miss those 6.30am starts one bit. And you’re saving heaven knows how many hours a week by not commuting. Enjoy those later mornings. If you can manage not to consume a full box-set each night and get to bed at a sensible time, you may find that you sleep better, deeper, dream more vividly and can sneak in some more intimate morning cuddles….maybe this is how it’s meant to be?

Plan your playlist

This is one aspect of your wedding planning that benefits a whole lot from you having time to research your playlist and the music you want for your wedding. All too often, couples find that they are rushing this part when it should be lots of fun- and capture the spirit of your relationship.

Online wedding planning drinks anyone?

A Zoom wedding planning call with two glasses of rose wine
Zoom calls mean that your wedding planning can continue

Easy-peasy! Just grab a group of friends and set up a Zoom call a couple of times a week.

You’ll feel like you were all there in the same room! But without the travelling! Or the bar bills…

Find out about flowers

Brush up on your floristry.

Flowers are one area where many of our couples feel completely out of their depth. After all, why would you need to know your peonies from your hortensias unless you are planning a career as a florist or need to think about your bouquet?

But all of the beautiful Instagram shots can give a false impression of what you can expect and how much it may cost.

A flower stand with flowers in containers in a flower workshop
Learning about flowers will help your wedding planning.

The more you know about what’s seasonal and economical, the better. Find out more with our wedding flower tips here.

Get creative

The lockdown made us rediscover our creative streak. Calligraphy? Yes! oh so handy for handwritten wedding chalk signs. It’s great fun to discover a lost skill or learn a new one. Life drawing? Now beamed directly from the Royal Academy and so much fun. Or persuade your partner to pose.

A life drawing sketch is shown on a sketch pad
Get to know your partner in a whole new way with life drawing

Knitting? We know a bride who is knitting buttonholes for the groomsmen and another who is crocheting wedding favours for every guest. So go ahead and make beautiful invitations, handmade place settings and personalised gifts for your bridesmaids.

Cocktail evening

If you are planning to have a cocktail for your wedding, now is the time to up your game and learn what’s what.

So what have you got lurking at the back of your drinks cabinet?

A pineapple, pomegranate and blood orange
Embrace your inner bartender

Are you ever going to use those Angostura bitters? What about that Campari- can you stick it in a Negroni? What exactly is a Pisco Sour? Look online for cocktails and have a cocktail evening. Or even better, combine with a Zoom drinks with friends and each bring a signature drink to the table.

However you choose to spend all that unexpected free time, if there’s one thing the last year has shown us, it’s how precious spending time with your loved one can be so we reckon there’s no better time to explore new experiences together.

Image credits: Lucie Kerley ~ lucieloves.co.uk


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