Can we get legally married in Mallorca?

There are a few ways that you can have a legal ceremony in Mallorca – but these are quite limited; if you are Catholics, if you have Swedish nationality or if you have residency here. If this doesn’t fit your situation, don’t worry! Almost all of our couples opt for a simple register office ceremony at home a few weeks before the wedding to take care of the legalities with the minimum of fuss (many of them don’t even tell family or friends to keep it very low-key). With all the paperwork taken care of, you can focus on your wedding here where you will make your vows, exchange your rings and express your commitment to each other in front of friends and family in a beautiful location in Mallorca.

How do we have a Catholic ceremony in Mallorca?

If one or both of you are Catholics, yes, it is possible to have a Catholic ceremony here, and we can help with the preparations for this. You need to start at least six months ahead with a meeting with your parish priest. The next stage is to complete the paperwork for the marriage licence. You will need your baptism, communion and confirmation certificates and you will also need to sign a Freedom to Marry declaration in front of a notary. Your parish priest then sends this from the bishop at your diocese to the Bishop in Palma. When the license is issued, it’s then sent to the church where you are planning to marry. You need to allow six months for the whole process. A simpler option in which the wording for the ceremony is almost identical as for the full marriage is to have a wedding blessing by one of our English-speaking priests here.

What about a Church of England blessing?

Yes, this is another good option. The Anglican church has English vicars based here and you can have the ceremony in one of the beautiful churches here in Mallorca.

Do you conduct same-sex ceremonies?

Absolutely! We love creating a personalised ceremonies for LBTGQ couples.We have lots of readings which are great for same-sex couples and many gender-neutral ones too.

What paperwork do we need to fill out?

To arrange your ceremony, just send us an email or complete the enquiry form in the Contact us section. We’ll contact you to discuss your plans and recommend one of our celebrants. When you decide to go ahead we send you a deposit invoice, our Terms & Conditions, and a simple form for you to complete with the details of your wedding party, preferred music, readings and other aspects. That’s all the paperwork done!

Do you do baby naming ceremonies?

Yes we do! Some couples choose to combine this with their wedding or vow renewal.

Do we have a rehearsal beforehand?

That’s not usually necessary, and most couples arrive just a couple of days before the wedding so timing would be tight.

Can we involve our children in our ceremony?

Yes, it’s a great idea, and there are many great ways your children can play a role; as flower girls or ring-bearers or helping tie the ribbons with you in a hand-fasting ceremony which unites the whole family. Older children can also do a special reading as part of the ceremony.

There are lots of ways to include your children in the ceremony
Children can take part in the ceremony as flowergirls or ring-bearers