Your wedding ceremony is the time when you make a commitment to your partner, before each other, your family and friends. Whether large or small, in a historic manor house or in a romantic olive grove, a contemporary villa, boutique hotel or yacht, our experienced wedding celebrants create a personalised ceremony to fit the place and capture the mood.

Whether your preference is for a traditional, light-hearted, or free-spirited ceremony, we help to express how you feel, what you want to say and how.

Our celebrants and speakers help mark the important transition in your life and create a personal space for you to take this step together in a memorable and heartfelt ceremony.

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Together, we create a personalised wedding ceremony which captures the love you feel for each other, and draws in your family and friends with music and readings which express the most important feelings you wish to share.

Our fee includes working with you on all the details of the ceremony, including timings, music, your vows and readings. 

We also offer additional elements such as a wine box ceremony and hand-fasting.

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Advice on places, planners and people

While we are primarily celebrants, we also know and have worked with many excellent suppliers here in Mallorca, from wedding caterers and photographers to musicians and DJs. We are happy to pass on advice about the best contacts. Just ask us!

Music for your ceremony

We also offer advice and guidance on music for your ceremony or special event, from classically-trained singers and guitarists to saxophonists and string quartets. We are happy to recommend great people to set the right note for your ceremony.

A professional singer, either with accompaniment or alone (acapella-style) or together with other instruments brings magic to your ceremony or event, whether in a restaurant, hotel or outdoor space.

The saxophone is one of the most versatile instruments there is: from creating a romantic interlude during your ceremony to bringing a dynamic touch of live music during the reception afterwards, the sax can do it all, especially when played alongside recorded music.

A keyboard is a flexible option for a wide range of musical choices for your ceremony and afterwards, while a string quartet creates an elegant and sophisticated ambiance for your ceremony.

A live guitarist brings a warm and welcoming touch to your ceremony

We also offer an internationally-acclaimed Early Music ensemble from Mallorca, who re-create the moving and romantic ambiance of 17th and 18th century Spanish, French and Italian music for your ceremony and reception.

Our other services

We can also provide Masters of Ceremonies for your significant birthday or anniversary event, personalised readings which perfectly fit your special occasion, speech-writing and training for you to deliver your own speech and professional and experienced speakers to moderate your conference or corporate event.

Talk to us now about speaking, life transition events, birthdays, anniversaries, memorial services, or for help in finding the perfect reading and music to mark your special event.