Distinctive Ceremonies Mallorca was set up by a team of wedding celebrants in Mallorca to create beautiful, personalised ceremonies which capture the essence of your love. Together, we build lasting memories for you and your loved ones. We have over 12 years of experience of creating memorable weddings for couples from all over the world. Coming from backgrounds in events and technology, original founders Bernd Filsinger and Claire Hyde moved from London to Mallorca to create unforgettable ceremonies in the many stunning venues and locations that the island has to offer.

The team

Paul Archer quickly joined the team, bringing his love of poetry and words to the mix. Ulf joined shortly afterwards, contributing his unique skills as the ‘singing celebrant’ as well as his extensive experience in events. Jonas, with his passion for theatre, performance and directing was the perfect addition to the team. 

All our celebrants have lived for many years in Mallorca and their combined experience, their knowledge of the island, language skills, warmth and professionalism combine to make this a truly special team.

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We absolutely loved the ceremony, everything was just perfect. When people ask me if I’m happy for it to be over, I tell them no because I genuinely had the most perfect day. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. ~ Emma and Barry, 8 August 2018, Cala Bona

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Here our celebrants introduce themselves and say more about why they love what they do:

Paul Archer

“I was born in England and, after studying English literature at Oxford University, embarked on a varied career that took me from Europe to the Far East. I finally settled here in Mallorca where I translate poetry and write poems, inspired by this wonderful island.

Paul Archer

As a celebrant, what’s most important to me is understanding your needs so that the ceremony is really personal to you. I take great care about the small details so everything goes really smoothly.  I love incorporating well-chosen words that bind people together. This is not only in the vows that you make, but in the special way they express what is deep and heartfelt. Together, we create a shared experience for you and your guests that will be remembered for the rest of your lives.

Languages: English, Spanish

Find out more about Paul in the videos below: 

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Jonas Verner-Carlsson

“Over the course of many years in corporate communications I’ve helped companies and the people who work for them, to express themselves with clarity and originality. As a celebrant, what’s most important to me is understanding the essence of who you are as a couple. With this understanding, we can create a ceremony to help share this special quality with all your guests.

Jonas, dressed in a mid-blue suit prepares to greet a couple at a ceremony
Jonas Verner-Carlsson

I help to provide guidance and creative support to make your ceremony unique. On the day, I’m a guiding hand, helping you to feel calm, prepared and composed. That way, you can focus on the feelings and emotions on this special day.

 The very essence of every wedding ceremony is celebrating love. This explains why for me it is so stimulating and joyful to be a wedding celebrant. Together we bring a combination of structure and fluidity to this ancient, magical ritual, as well as poetry, music and a lightness of heart.”

Languages: English, German, Swedish, Spanish

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Ulf Bernström

“I come from Lapland in the North of Sweden, and have lived in Mallorca since 2003.  I’ve worked in entertainment and event management for the last 30 years so I have a good understanding of what goes into making an event a success.  Personally, what I love most is being the celebrant and helping to make this wonderful moment in a couple’s life happen.

Celebrant Ulf is wearing a formal dark suit and bow tie as he officiates at a wedding in Mallorca. Here he is signing the wedding certificate.
Ulf Bernstrom

Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to do many ceremonies, for small and large groups, at many different locations in Mallorca, and for a range of different nationalities– and I still love it!

I also have a background as a singer and I still sing professionally. Sometimes couples include my songs in the the service, which is quite an experience !” 


Languages: English, Swedish, Spanish.

Find out more about Ulf in the video below.

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Bernd Filsinger

Bernd is the team adminstrator and is happy to answer your ceremony questions

“I look after the administration of our celebrants so they can focus on what they do best. I’m really proud of our team – their professionalism, experience and warmth are second to none. They are brilliant at words, both in terms of writing them and delivering them to audiences.

We speak four languages: English, German, Swedish and Spanish. We provide our own PA system with microphone and music playback when required. This ensures that even those at the back can hear what’s going on!

I’m your first point of contact and arrange for you to talk to your celebrant. I’m also on hand if you have any questions during the process. I am happy to help with any other aspect of your event, drawing on a wealth of knowledge of event planning and trusted suppliers that we’ve build up over the years.

The strength of our team means that if one of them were to fall ill (extremely unlikely though that may be!), we can provide a another celebrant at short notice so that everything go ahead as planned.

We realise that in the context of a big event, budgets are often tight, so we are cost-conscious and deliver your ceremony at a very competitive price.

Although our principal focus is on wedding and vow renewal ceremonies, the skills of our team in public speaking mean that they can also be hired for other events including significant birthday celebrations, Master of Ceremonies roles and corporate promotions.

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