We are full of ideas to enhance your day, and adding a winebox ceremony to your wedding in Mallorca is certainly one of the most popular.

A love letter being placed inside a wine box as part of a wedding ceremony
A love letter being placed inside a wine box as part of a wedding ceremony

It certainly appealed to Beth and Charles when celebrant Paul, suggested it to them while they were discussing their ceremony to be held at Son Berga, Mallorca, in June 2022.

How to add a winebox ceremony to your wedding in Mallorca

The wine (a very good one!) comes from one of Mallorca’s oldest and most venerable bodegas. It has captured the warmth of the Mallorcan sun and been watered by its life-giving rains.  Paul explained that he would show the guests the wooden wine box (sliding open the lid to show the bottle inside) and then place in it two letters that the couple had written to each other expressing their love and their thoughts on their wedding day.

By a remarkable co-incidence…..

He would then reveal the unique quality of this wine. It will reach its full maturity- by remarkable co-incidence!- in exactly ten years´ time. On that day, they should open the box and read the love letters while sipping the fine wine. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect 10th anniversary celebration!

Resisting temptation

The wine box is nailed shut
The wine box is nailed tightly shut!

But…ten years is a long time and they might be tempted to open it before then. It is after all a very fine bottle of wine! So the box needs to be nailed shut! Beth and Charles chose Beth´s twin sister Lauren and her husband Sam to help. And their guests enjoyed watching them wielding the hammer!

A time capsule for the future

Like many of our couples, Beth and Charles loved the idea of the winebox with their love letters inside like a time capsule. It’s a very special part of their wedding ceremony that looks forward to their future.

For more ideas on how to make your ceremony extra special, contact us at Distinctive Ceremonies Mallorca and let our team of creative, caring and charismatic celebrants inspire you.

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