Recently, the whole concept of elopement weddings has really taken off. An elopement wedding captures the sense of adventure and romance without hassle, dispensing with formalities, going with the flow and just making it your own.

In fact, there’s a whole range of reasons you might want to elope. Maybe you want to escape tricky family situations. Or you had to put your plans on hold and just want to go for it. Or you’re not keen on the big wedding thing and want to find a special place in the sun for a loved-up ceremony for just the two of you. After all, if your relationship has made it through 2020, you should definitely make it official – why wait?

There’s an interesting demographic change at work here too. With student loans to pay off and insecure job prospects, couples are having to wait longer to get married than previous generations. One recent survey found that 91% of couples who are planning on getting married would consider eloping, and three out of five recently-married millennials would elope if they had to do it all over again. So if the idea appeals to you, you’ll be in good company!

Why here?

Well, Mallorca is a great place to start. Beautiful, affordable, familiar and easy to reach, it has a huge range of elopement options, from chic boutique hotels and historic rural fincas to luxury villas. There are seaviews to die for, mountain backdrops and gourmet restaurants, as well as 300 days of sunshine and miles of stunning coastline.

Where do we start?

One of the great pluses of an elopement is the freedom and flexibility. And your interests and priorities as a couple can be reflected in how you plan your day- you don’t need to compromise. So let’s plunge in- what’s your elopement style?


Have you been together for years but just never quite got around to tying the knot?

Have you listened to friends stressing about their wedding plans and feel that’s just not for you?

Is one of you divorced and you want to do something completely different this time around?

Do you have complicated family dynamics- perhaps family factions who don’t get on, divorced parents or squabbling siblings?

Your style: a beautiful sea-view backdrop near a luxury finca hotel, followed by a photo and video tour of picturesque mountain villages with your photographer and a romantic gourmet dinner as you watch the sunset.


Do you have a passion for hiking, camel trekking, whitewater rafting or mountain climbing?

Are you free spirits whose natural habitat is festivals and the whole traditional wedding thing leaves you cold?

Do short-break weekends find you glamping in yurts, shepherds’ huts and log cabins in the woods?

Have you been excited by Pinterest and Instagram posts of elopement weddings in forests, on beaches, on mountaintops and feel it’s SO you?

The Mezzo Magic fleet have a range of sizes and prices. The friendly captain and crew will make your proposal trip memorable.

Your style: a ceremony under a 400-year old tree in a mountain olive grove, a wedding picnic of local delicacies and wines and an evening sail (with cava and canapes of course!) to the majestic Sa Foradada to catch the sunset.


Have you had to put your plans on hold last year and now just want to grab the moment?

Does the idea of slipping away somewhere stunning for just the two of you to tie the knot sound just perfect?

Your style: a chic boutique hotel with a personal wine tasting, gourmet dining and a midnight swim on your own private roof terrace.


Is the moment right but you just don’t have time to save for a big wedding?

Are you finding that life decisions are piling up and there’s a lot to squeeze out of your budget, with house deposits, mortgages and renovations on your list?

With work prospects looking shaky, are you anxious not to splash too much cash on your wedding?Port Verd

Have you been to friends’ weddings and thought that you definitely don’t want to spend that much?

Your style: your ceremony in a romantic seaview restaurant, cava and canapes on a terrace overlooking a sea, a gourmet dinner and perhaps a sunset sail to celebrate in style.


Do you want the freedom to plan a special day with no expense spared, for just the two of you?

Do you want to include special elements – a suite at a really exclusive hotel, gourmet catering in a private villa, a chartered boat trip, that might break the budget with a larger wedding but would really mean a lot to you?

Do you have kids but just want this time for yourselves?

Have you been to a few cookie-cutter weddings and want to do something unique and different?

Your style: a morning session in the spa of your luxury hotel, hair and make-up in your suite, your ceremony under a flower-bedecked pergola in the garden, a tour of mountain villages with your photographer and videographer in a vintage Bentley or Rolls-Royce (with a bottle of champagne!) and a gourmet 7-course dinner with a string quartet to set the mood in the evening.


Does the idea of combining your wedding ceremony and holiday appeal?

Do you like the idea of someone taking care of all the details so that you can just relax and enjoy the day?

Do you want the ceremony to be a natural part of your holiday?

Your style: a well-appointed villa with a garden and pool where you can make yourselves at home with a few friends or family members, your ceremony in a pergola under the bougainvillea, followed by a privately-catered wedding meal for you and your guests, with live music by a three-piece band as you enjoy your evening.A couple are walking along a green grassy path in the Mallorcan countryside


Do you want to connect to nature and feel part of a bigger picture as you pledge your love?

Do you love the great outdoors and want your wedding to be eco-friendly as possible?

Do you like the idea of buying your wedding dress second-hand from Ebay or Oxfam and wearing a wildflower crown?

Do you try to live a low-impact lifestyle, grow your own veg and recycle as much as you can?

Your style: a ceremony on a secluded clifftop with the sound of the waves below as you exchange your vows, an afternoon sail on board a vintage fishing vessel with a simple barbecue (with the local catch of the day delivered by boat!), a romantic swim in a secret blue lagoon and a walk along the sand to your wedding dinner at a boho-chic beach restaurant

Whatever your elopement style, Mallorca has the perfect location for you and with seven years planning experience on the island, we can suggest some hidden gem spot for your ceremony.

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