It was mid-July, just as the 2021 wedding season was finally getting underway, when we had a call from Mark in the USA. He and his partner Doug, had had problems with their beach club wedding venue. Suddenly they had to move their wedding to a whole new location. It was to be a really small wedding – just 19 people – but it was just three weeks away. And with no venue, the clock was ticking. There was no time to lose!

With the challenges of Covid, so many weddings have been on hold for months and even years. So there was something invigorating about making the perfect day for Mark and Doug in such a short time. The couple had visited Mallorca the previous March for a brief holiday, just days before the world plunged into lockdown.

A change of tack

They had both wanted a sea-view wedding – but many of these locations come with restrictions. And the venue the pair had booked had explained that they would not be able to have the wedding they had envisaged- a late start, an early finish and no dancing. We quickly introduced them to several venue options which might fit the bill. And then, there was a sudden flash of serendipity. Just as we sent details of the wonderful Son Tugores finca, the couple wrote to say that they had also spotted the finca and loved it. Fast forward two days and contracts had been signed, sealed and delivered.

A race against timeA welcome drink stand at a finca wedding in Mallorca

Now came a flurry of communication to pin down the details.  Mark and Doug wanted to make it an experience to remember for their guests, who’d be travelling so far to join them. Their tables had a neutral colour palette with touches of gold and navy. The Danubio tablecloths were paired with Damasco Piedra napkins, gold cutlery, navy baroque wine glasses, tiny gold breadplates and Indian Gold underplates. The celebration dinner was based on a sharing menu with lots of extra dishes. Many were based on Mallorcan classic recipes, given a fresh twist by the ever-creative Fosh team. The open bar was upgraded with their favourite Grey Goose vodka and a range of fantastic cocktails.

Suddenly, everything was arranged, the couple had arrived from the USA and it was all happening.  We even managed to fit in a tasting a couple of days before the day, so that they could try the delicious menu they’d chosen.

The ceremony

The Italianate finca has a lovely cobbled courtyard faming a majestic great door into the entrada. The courtyard was the backdrop for the ceremony and the couple had to fight back their emotions as they read their personal vows. Then, the ceremony completed, they led the way through the huge doorway to the terraces beyond, where drinks and delicious canapes were served by the pool. After photographs and refreshments, the guests settled down to dinner on the lawn with the finca as backdrop.

A gourmet wedding feast

Starters included smoked aubergine with confit tomatoes, dates with bacon, homemade meatballs with smoked paprika tomato sauce, patatas bravas and prawns in garlic-chili sauce. Mains were Galician aged beef filet with celeriac and truffle and suckling pig with apricots. To finish, dessert included dark chocolate tart with red fruit and mango and passion fruit cheesecake.

Time to party

Afterwards, Mark and Doug cut the cake and led the way to the party venue. We’d set out chillout furniture to create a cosy outdoor ambiance in the courtyard. With a mix of enthusiastic partying inside and lively chatting and cocktails outside, the party got underway until buses arrived to whisk everyone back to their hotels.

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