10 top tips for planning your wedding ceremony in Mallorca

Need advice on managing bouquets AND high heels and working with children and animals? Check out our tips on planning your wedding ceremony in Mallorca

1. Make it truly memorable!

Make sure you have one special element which will make your wedding truly distinctive and unforgettable for you and your guests. It could be your choice of venue, fantastic music, gourmet food or a brilliant band but by choosing Mallorca, you have already made it unforgettable. You and your guests don’t just have a wedding but a shared holiday surrounded by friends and family that they will always remember.

2. Choose your perfect wedding venue

There are so many stunning wedding venues in Mallorca– you can exchange your vows at sunset, just steps from the sea with the sound of waves in your ears, or in a tranquil valley at a sunlit old finca, surrounded by olive and almond groves. Or you can have your ceremony in a castle, an ancient fortress, on a mountain or under a centuries-old oak tree. Take time to find the perfect spot.

3. Arrange a day-before get-together

When you have guests flying in from all over the world, it’s great to arrange a get-together the day or evening before to welcome everyone. It could be a sunset cruise with the whole boat to yourselves or a glass of wine and some tapas at a local restaurant. Give everyone a chance to get to know each other and get into the mood.

4. Have a hanky at the ready!

No matter how well-prepared you are, exchanging your vows with your loved one in front of family and friends is an emotional moment. Often brides say to me, “I know I’m going to cry!” and they’re often right so I always have a fresh handkerchief at the ready! But grooms can also find that the power and impact of the words in the ceremony can sneak up and take them by surprise.

5. Trust your celebrant

The wedding ceremony isn’t just reading through a script but a dynamic process that takes you from the intimacy of the vows to the release of joy in the big kiss.

Emily and Lee´s round pergola was decorated with masses of cream roses and fresh foliage

If you have been a guest at a registry office wedding, you might be expecting something quite formal and dry. But when planning your wedding ceremony here in Mallorca, bear in mind things are much more relaxed and make for a real celebration. With the sun shining and beautiful views all around, there is magic in the air, and there is a special connection not just between you, but between all those present. Everyone is feeling the emotion and willing the very best for you, and the love and joy are infectious. Our role is to encourage this relaxed and happy atmosphere and also be your strong and stable guide as cross the threshold into a new life together. Then when you go back down the aisle everyone will be on their feet, applauding, with big smiles on their faces!

6. How to involve children in your wedding

If you have children at the ceremony, it’s important to help prepare them for the ceremony. They can find the whole process confusing – there are lots of new people and an unfamiliar setting. If you are having them as flowergirls or ring-bearers, help them practise walking down an ‘aisle’ carrying their basket or cushion and explain what will happen during the wedding. If they get confused, it’s easy for them to forget their role! If the children are very young, it’s good to make sure that a friend, grandmother or aunt is there to look after them. The half hour ceremony can feel like a long time and they may well want to join in but it’s so important that you can focus on each other and the vows you are making without worrying. One great way to involve them is with a hand-fasting which binds the you together a a family. Find out more about our hand-fasting ceremonies here


7. Planning your wedding timings

Weddings in Mallorca typically start in the early evening. This can come as a surprise when you start your planning but bear in mind that during the the wedding season it’s very hot during the day and your ceremonies will be outdoors. The later start ensures that neither you nor you guests get overheated. You have lots more time to prepare without it being a rush and this way, you don’t have a gap between ceremony, dinner and party and everything flows really well.

8. How to keep cool at your destination wedding

If the wedding is taking place in the sun, do provide parasols, hats and fans to help your guests stay cool. Even the simplest paper fans and parasols are very effective.

9. How to work with a wedding planner

One of the best ways to make planning your wedding ceremony stress-free is to work with a reputable wedding planner based in Mallorca. With a destination wedding in particular, this is money well-spent and your planner will bring years of experience to the process and save you lots of time. The challenges of finding the right suppliers, difficulties with the language and different expectations can all make things more difficult if you are not on the spot during the planning process. And having a planner to create a schedule for the day to ensure that everyone arrives at the right time to set up, and then manage the whole day from start to finish, is worth its weight in gold so that you can relax and enjoy it all.

10. How and what to delegate to your bridal party

Your Best Man and chief bridesmaid will be honoured and pleased to have been chosen for their special roles. But sometimes they are not sure how they can help. So make sure you brief them a few days beforehand and give them a schedule to make sure they know what’s happening when.

If you are organising the wedding yourself, they can be particularly helpful. On the day, after you have planned every last detail, it can come as a shock to realise that you won’t be able to orchestrate everything! So brief your Best Man to be your runner and ensure that your chief bridesmaid is clear about timings and doesn’t forget to take your hotel room key and lipstick with her! Your best man is often the best person to check if the bridal party are ready for the ceremony. Ask your chief bridesmaid to keep track of time and mobilise the bridal group. High heels, tight dresses and bulky bouquets can all hinder progress. Work out what order you will walk in and allow a few seconds between each member of the party walking up the aisle.

Make sure your ushers are also briefed. They can help with seating guests, rounding up groups to help the photographer and telling guests where to find the loos! If you are laying on transport, one of your ushers can be the one to make sure everyone finds their way onto the bus and rounds up any stragglers!

Your best man will be the one guarding the rings but he can also make sure he takes care of the wedding certificate. And your maid of honour or chief bridesmaid can take your bouquet if you forget it in the excitement!


Whatever your plans, we’re here to guide you through each step of your ceremony in Mallorca and make it truly memorable. Contact us to discuss your wedding here.

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