Is an elopement wedding right for you?

The hot topic right now for us is elopement weddings! And if ever a concept has taken on a new meaning, it’s this! Way back when, an elopement was when a couple escaped parental disapproval or other restrictions by running away for a hurried and furtive ceremony.

But many couples now just want to go with the flow, and say “what the heck- let’s just do this!”. With the complexities of planning, daunting invitation lists, supplier negotiations and escalating costs, it’s not a surprise that many couples just want to take a step back and simplify things with a truly heartfelt and person ceremony in a stunning location where they can just focus on their love.

Why elope?

It’s not quite such a new concept. Some couples have always slipped away for a quiet ceremony somewhere discreet. It’s always been popular with couples from the USA and Canada. It’s not just about the size or budget. An elopement has the flavour of adventure and romance without constraints, dispensing with formalities, going with the mood and just making it your own.

And now the concept has really taken off.  One survey found that there was an increase in searches for elopement photography ideas on Pinterest and Instagram of 128% in 2019. Other related terms like “elopements in forests” and “wild elopements” also seeing huge increases in volume. And that was before the pandemic.

So a modern definition of elopement today is an intentionally small and intimate wedding experience which allows more emphasis to be placed on the commitment between you, the couple.

Why might an elopement be right for you?


You can be truly spontaneous and seize the moment to celebrate your wedding

It’s quick and easy, there’s no stress and minimal planning needed (and we are here to help!)

You’ll have a wide range of places for your ceremony

It’s totally budget-friendly

You don’t have to navigate family politics or guest list traumas

Your photographs and/or video can capture the adventure to share back home and there’s nothing to stop you having a celebration party or dinner on your return.

Live-streaming your elopement ceremony is also an increasingly popular option, enabling your family and guests to join you virtually


Family and friends might be a tiny bit miffed not to have been involved.

But if you explain your decision, you will probably find that they completely understand and are happy to think about a party or dinner when you return.

How does it work?

The guest list is small. For some elopements, it’s just the two of you, your celebrant and photographer. Many couples add a bridesmaid or best man too. But generally the number is below ten people. Our celebrants are all experienced in elopement ceremonies and will play a key role in making it super-special on the day.  But don’t cut back too much. You definitely need a photographer and we strongly recommend a videographer too, to capture the spirit of your day.

There is no reception after your ceremony. You’ll probably have some cava or champagne to celebrate afterwards with photographs and then go on to a restaurant for a delicious celebratory meal. But there’s no formal reception venue or party. This is where the main savings come in – the venue hire, catering for dozens of guests, live music, a DJ and hours of open bar are a big proportion of your budget.

You can make it your own

Of course, you can decide to add special elements which will make your day unique – a vintage car to get to your chosen location, a wonderfully over-the- top bouquet or flower crown, a yacht sunset finale, some carefully-chosen decor, doves or an eagle ring-bearer, a live serenade by a violinist, post-ceremony photos on the beach, a themed wedding cake or a privately catered wedding feast in your own villa or apartment.

Still not sure if an elopement is right for you?

If you love the idea of the freedom and romance of an elopement but are still not sure if it’s right for you, you could still explore an engagement or proposal photoshoot in Mallorca or a even a Trash the dress shoot after the wedding.

Get inspired by Christine and Oliver’s elopement here:

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