8 great reasons to choose Mallorca for your wedding ceremony

When you are thinking of having your wedding ceremony abroad, there’s a whole lot to consider. Will family and friends want to commit to paying for flights and accommodation? Is it too much to ask? Would it be easier to just plan an ‘elopement’ for just the two of you? What about guests with children or older relatives who are cautious about a flight to a new place? What about friends flying in from further afield? How are you going to plan from home? Destination weddings come in a great many varieties but there are a whole host of reasons to choose Mallorca for your wedding ceremony.

1. Venues galore!

Son Marroig, Mallorca's premium venue is shown with a wedding in progress

Son Marroig is Mallorca’s most emblematic wedding venue.

Mallorca has an amazing range of wedding locations in a small area – from panoramic sea-views to mountain vistas, historic stone fincas to boutique hotels. And there is a wide range of prices too so you can find the location which suits you and your budget.

2. The weather!

We know how many couples get stressed out by the fear that it might rain on their wedding day. No matter how much detail has gone into the planning, it’s just not something you can control. But you can reduce the risk, and Mallorca has is a climate that is much more reliable. Here, you can count on weeks of beautiful blue skies, sunshine and heat from May to October. There can be summer showers and even the odd downpour. A couple are enjoying their wedding dinner al frescoBut the likelihood is very small and the probability of a gorgeous day with blue skies and sun is high making another great reason to choose Mallorca for your wedding ceremony. You get to dine and party under the stars too!

3. Familiarity

A wedding couple are shown leaving their venue with the guests waving sparklers

Photo by AimeeKteamphoto

Mallorca’s popularity means that it’s a familiar destination for many people, so they can imagine themselves there at your wedding. It’s a whole lot easier than getting people to commit to a long haul flight to the Caribbean or Maldives! If you choose Mallorca for your wedding ceremony, it’s a great way to ensure that your guests feel at home and quickly get into the holiday spirit.

4. Flights

Flights are quick, flexible and inexpensive from everywhere. So it’s super-easy for your guests to find the right flights at the right prices.

5. Great value

People who have stayed in Mallorca before won’t be intimidated by the idea of having to spend a fortune while they are here.

A chic boutique hotel in Mallorca

They know they’ll be able to find good value for the rest of their stay. Hotel prices can notoriously high in many places in Europe, but in Mallorca accommodation is plentiful with a good range of prices. And if you have friends and family coming from the USA, Australia or the Far East, Mallorca is a great mid-way point.

6. Family-friendly

Mallorca has some great family-friendly places for weddings and it’s easy to arrange nannies to take care of little ones.

But if you do decide to have an adults-only wedding, your guests get to have a mini-break for themselves with the freedom not to worry about entertaining the children.

There are lots of ways to include your children in the ceremony

Children can take part in the ceremony as flowergirls or ring-bearers

7. Great cuisine

One of the larger costs of any wedding is the food and drink during the day and the evening. Mallorca offers everything from Michelin-starred chefs, to informal wedding barbecue buffets with delicious grills, fresh fish and tasty desserts. It’s all washed down with excellent value wines and sparkling cava (Spanish champagne).

Canapes are served after the wedding ceremony

Photo by Ana Garcia Photography

8. Party party!

Mallorca has a wealth of brilliant DJs who can create the perfect party for you and your guests. They bring the sound-desk and lighting too so you have an instant party atmosphere.







So whether you are are thinking of organising your own wedding or working with a wedding planner, Mallorca is the perfect place to tie the knot and create wonderful memories of your special day. For informal planning advice or to book one of our lovely celebrants, get in touch!

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