10 things to ask your wedding celebrant

So what does a wedding celebrant actually do? Here are 10 things to ask your wedding celebrant when you start planning your ceremony in Mallorca

1. How do we get started?

Maybe you’re just starting out on planning your wedding in Mallorca? Perhaps you’re wondering if you will need a wedding planner to help you? You may already have some details worked out but aren’t sure about how it should all come together on the day? These 10 things to ask your wedding celebrant can really help your planning. Our celebrants can advise you on how long the ceremony will take and the different types of vows. They can help guide you on seating for your guests and whether you’ll need a PA system. Whatever your query, we’re happy to point you in the right direction.

2. What about suggestions for wedding readings?

Finding the perfect readings are an important part of the planning for your ceremony. The best are those which sum up who you are as a couple and capture what you want to say. And having one or two readings is a wonderful way to include special friends or family members. Drawing from dozens of carefully selected examples, we’ll help you find the right readings to fit your personalities and style.

One of the 10 things to ask your wedding celebrant- can we write our own vows?
We make your ceremony as individual as you are

3. How do we go about sorting out the music for the ceremony?

The style and mood of the music you choose sets the scene for the ceremony. You might like your favourite song played through the PA. Or perhaps a string quartet, live singer or guitarist is your style. If you decide on a live performance, you might need guidance on the right equipment and technical support to ensure it all runs to plan. We can advise on the musical aspects of your ceremony and suggest some great suppliers to help you.

4. What about timings, the flow of the ceremony and what happens afterwards?

This is one of the most important of the 10 things to ask your wedding celebrant. We will guide you about the optimum timings for your ceremony, what happens when, who does what and sits where, and how to ensure everything runs smoothly. For example, during the summer, temperatures during the day in Mallorca are very hot and so it’s usual for wedding ceremony to start at around 6pm. Typically, your ceremony will be around 30 minutes and will be followed by a one-hour drinks and canape reception during which your guests can mingle and photographs are taken. That means that you will be sitting down to your wedding dinner at around 7.30pm and you can expect your party to begin at around 10.00pm.

5. Do you have ideas for how we can personalise our ceremony?

Yes, we have lots of ways to make your ceremony as individual as you are! You want it to reflect who you are as a couple, so you might decide on a hand-fasting (a wonderful way to involve children), the release of a pair of white doves or a pebble wish ceremony (a great way of involving all your guests). We can suggest ways to make your ceremony as individual as you are.

6. Do you have any advice and suggestions for good photographers or videographers?

Your photographs are a hugely important part of your day and you want them to capture all the happiness, beauty and magic of your wedding day. We know and work with many excellent photographers and videographers in a range of prices and are happy to recommend them. Just ask us!

7. Who orchestrates the ceremony?

That’s where we come in! We meet the groom when he arrives at the ceremony, ensure that the bride and her party are ready, seat the guests, check that the Best Man has the rings and the processional music is ready to go. Then we cue up the first song and start the wedding….

8. Can you guide us on the order of the bridal party and who should sit where?

Lots of couples now favour an informal seating plan for their ceremony (“Pick a seat not a side!”), we’re happy to guide you on more formal ceremony seating and the order of the bridal party for the processional.

9. Do you have a good knowledge of venues and planners in Mallorca?

Absolutely! It’s very helpful if your wedding celebrant knows your venue, especially for a destination wedding where you can’t visit the venue in the run up to the wedding, And if you are working with a wedding planner, your celebrant can liaise with them on the details and schedule, to ensure that everything is co-ordinated for the ceremony. That might include seating, the location of wedding pergola or arch, music and sound system. Our job is to save you stress on the day so that you can enjoy every moment.

10. Do you have suggestions for suppliers who can help us?

It’s the easiest thing in the world when planning your wedding, to find that you need something or someone unexpectedly. It could be a hair and make-up artist for a mum, a guitarist to play during your dinner, a wedding car to bring you to the venue. While our focus is obviously on your ceremony, we can often recommend the right person to help you. Just ask us!

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