10 top tips for planning your wedding ceremony in Mallorca

10 tips for planning your wedding ceremony in Mallorca

Need advice on managing bouquets AND high heels and working with children and animals? Check out our tips on planning your wedding ceremony in Mallorca 1. Make it truly memorable! Make sure you have one special element which will make your wedding truly distinctive and unforgettable for you and your guests. It could be your…

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Is an elopement wedding right for you?

An elopement wedding dinner

The hot topic right now for us is elopement weddings! And if ever a concept has taken on a new meaning, it’s this! Way back when, an elopement was when a couple escaped parental disapproval or other restrictions by running away for a hurried and furtive ceremony. But many couples now just want to go…

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10 things to ask your wedding celebrant

A sign saying I-do leads guests to the wedding ceremony

So what does a wedding celebrant actually do? Here are 10 things to ask your wedding celebrant when you start planning your ceremony in Mallorca 1. How do we get started? Maybe you’re just starting out on planning your wedding in Mallorca? Perhaps you’re wondering if you will need a wedding planner to help you?…

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10 places for an unforgettable Mallorca proposal

Planning to propose to your loved one on a a romantic short break is a great option. So we’ve put together ten fabulous locations in Mallorca the perfect backdrop. For many couples, a proposal in the place where they’ve shared happy memories makes things even more magical. It’s hard to hop on a plane at the moment but it’s not too early to plan for when things are a bit less constrained.

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